San Antonio Book Festival

Book Festival. If you live close by, be sure to attend the San Antonio Book Festival on April 7, 2018. The festival is going on its sixth year. Hundreds of authors and illustrators (many of them my fellow writers) will be there. And there will be books, books, and more books to buy and get autographed. See you there.

The other day, I listened to this Institute of Children’s Literature (ICL) podcast on the topic: Get Children to Read Your Book. Take a listen to this informative and helpful podcast.

If you’ve been writing and have some material ready to send in, here are some publishers who are accepting unsolicited submissions:

Black and White Publishing.

School Wide Digital Publishing.  

Judy Blume and Author

Innovation Press.

And I’m sure you need no introduction to famous author Judy Blume. Here’s a link to her advice for aspiring writers. Great read!

Find your voice and express yourself. – conference quote