San Antonio Book Festival

The San Antonio Book Festival held yesterday on the grounds of the Central Library downtown was a huge success. Panels of authors and illustrators were held throughout the day. Children’s book authors also presented at the Children’s Reading Tents. There were books galore to be bought and autographed. Music and performances were also part of the program. Not to mention food trucks and booth after booth of authors showing off their books. The weather cooperated as hundreds of people enjoyed the festivities and books, books, books. 








San Antonio River behind the book festival. Lovely view.




Ever wonder what are the differences between primary, secondary, and lower-level sources in your writing? Not too long ago, I did a presentation at a writer’s conference on the topic, “The Importance of Authenticity of Primary Sources in Picture Books.”

Whether you’re writing a picture book or a historical novel, and you are doing research, check out the differences in sources from the Institute for Writers blogpost, “let’s talk about sources, baby.” It speaks to “finding credible sources for your fiction and nonfiction work.”